Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer's Sweet Crock Pot Chicken

Okay, I had this at Summer's house and it was delicious!! I guess it's a bit "Cafe Rio"-ish... but I've never eaten there, so I have no clue. Anyway, she told me how to make it....

Put some chicken in your crock pot, then add equal parts brown sugar and salsa, then let it cook for several hours, shred it up, mix it around and cook a bit longer, and then you've got some delicious sweet and spicy shredded chicken. We had this in burritos with lots of yummy toppings, but I also make this along with some Celery Salsa and either serve together, or pile all of it on a bed of lettuce and have an awesome salad!

I don't really have any good measurements or dimensions for you... I think I did about 3 chicken breasts and maybe 1/2 cup sugar and salsa. You could also substitute a can of Rotel and some hot sauce, it would be very much the same.

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